Sprint provides customers free basic data roaming

Sprint customers that use the global roaming service automatically receive free basic data coverage, free texting and voice calling at $0.20/minutes in 165 international destinations.

“We heard loud and clear from our customers that international service plans are confusing and expensive,” said Roger Solé, Sprint chief marketing officer.

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“We listened and improved our global roaming service to work for customers on their terms. Now Sprint customers don’t have to worry about signing up for a plan before they travel or coming home to unexpected charges. Sprint customers automatically have access to great international services when traveling abroad.”

With Sprint, international services simply work for customers. There is no plan to accept and no up-front or monthly charges to enable international service on their smartphone. Customers get great service around the world, just like they do at home on the Sprint network.

There are a lot of things to plan for when traveling internationally, but wireless connectivity shouldn’t be one of them. With Sprint, services and rates are clearly presented when customers turn on their smartphones in a foreign country.

And customers have free access to a fantastic data management portal which provides real-time data usage detail. The user experience is perfectly transparent and there is no chance of data overages, ensuring Sprint customers don’t have to worry about bill shock when they return from their trip.

  • In 165 well-traveled destinations – more than any other carrier – Sprint customers get:
    • Free basic data2
    • Free text messaging
    • $0.20/minute voice calling
  • If customers want a fast experience, they can purchase affordable high-speed data on-the-fly directly from their smartphone with just a few simple clicks. No advanced planning required. No need to call support. Sprint’s high-speed data services now include LTE in destinations where 90 percent of international data is used by our customers.
    • Canada & Mexico: LTE high-speed data only $2/day | $10/week
    • Most other destinations: high-speed data only $5/day | $25/week
    • Sprint customers with an Unlimited Freedom plan receive free LTE high-speed data roaming, voice calling and text messaging while traveling in Canada and Mexico, as well as free International long-distance from the U.S. to these countries.

“Customers shouldn’t have to settle for tradeoffs when roaming overseas,” said Solé. “Neither AT&T nor Verizon offer customers a free data roaming option abroad, and T-Mobile doesn’t offer 4G speeds outside Canada and Mexico.

Sprint has more low-cost coverage than all three competitors, and Sprint customers don’t have to make tradeoffs. In 165 destinations, they enjoy the option to choose between free basic data and the best rates for high-speed data, including LTE in places where 90 percent of international data is used by Sprint customers.”

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