Sprint released video series looking at the popularity of Paul Marcarelli

Sprint released an online video series in collaboration with Onion Labs, the creative services division of Onion Inc., which takes a satirical look at the popularity of Paul Marcarelli – the guy who used to ask if you could “hear me now” with Verizon and who switched to Sprint and appears in Sprint advertising.

This humorous partnership with Onion Labs builds off of Sprint’s most successful advertising campaign ever, which features Paul. The six-part Onion Lab series, titled “Your World with Luther North,” resembles a TV news magazine and explores Americans’ obsession with Paul.

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“We wanted to have some fun with the fact that Paul switched to Sprint from Verizon,” said Roger Sole, Sprint Chief Marketing Officer. “We worked with Onion Labs to develop a series that takes a fun approach to Paul switching carriers and documents the extreme – albeit fictional – fan club that has formed around Paul.”

“Your World with Luther North” covers such topics as “The Switcheroos,” Paul impersonators who dress in yellow shirts and wear thick glasses; new parents who are naming their children after Paul; a big-budget Hollywood biopic based on Paul; and the construction of a 30-foot statue of Paul – visible from space.

“It’s not every day that someone so iconic publicly switches to a competitor,” said Julie Scott, vice president, general manager, Onion Labs. “But the truth is that Paul is just an average guy who switched to Sprint. We worked with Sprint to create an over-the-top parody of a news magazine uncovering the incredible impact Paul’s decision has had across the nation.”

The first Sprint ad that featured Paul made its Sprint debut in June 2016 to call attention to Sprint’s vastly improved network and to highlight the savings that Sprint offers. Since then, Paul has been used in a wide range of print, TV, online and digital advertising for Sprint.

The response to the Paul campaign has been unprecedented! In fact, the original ad has more than 14 million views on YouTube.

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