Sprint to add 79 new retail locations in the state of Texas

Sprint continues to expand its presence and investment in Texas with plans to add more than 550 new jobs and 79 new retail locations across the state by the end of 2017. The new jobs will include a combination of retail, operations and technical experts. Currently, Sprint counts more than 2,700 employees and operates nearly 350 retail locations throughout the Lone Star State.

“This retail expansion is our largest expansion initiative in Texas since the launch of Sprint PCS stores. It’s also a big part of our regional approach that delivers a world-class experience to our customers locally while also providing access to Sprint’s industry-leading unlimited value to wireless shoppers across the state,” said John Stevens, Sprint’s Regional President for Central Texas.

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“With our continued network improvements throughout the state and Sprint’s charitable causes like the 1Million Project, Sprint continually seeks opportunities to give back locally and provide an avenue for our partners and customers to make a difference in communities across Texas.”

In addition to an aggressive retail expansion plan, Sprint has been making network improvements throughout Texas to help customers connect when they need it most. Sprint recently enhanced coverage at NRG Stadium in Houston by 500 percent and made significant improvements with three-channel carrier aggregation to deliver more capacity and faster speeds at locations around Houston for the crush of fans that ascended for a recent football game.

“Total wireless data usage has grown on average more than 700 percent over the last five years in Austin, Dallas, Houston and throughout Eastern Texas,” said Mike Hennigan, regional vice president – Network at Sprint. ”Over that same period, Sprint has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in our network to ensure consumers have a superior connectivity experience now and well into the future, as we have the available spectrum to add speed and capacity as that data growth demand continues.”


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