Sprint with offer for U.S. customers calling love ones in Latin America

Sprint is teaming up with Movistar Mexico & El Salvador, a large telecommunications brand owned by Telefónica, to become the first U.S. provider allowing customers to pay for a loved one’s wireless plan in Mexico and El Salvador.

With the exclusive Plan Conectados through the Sprint World Top-Up app, Sprint customers in the United States can easily give wireless access to their loved ones in Mexico or El Salvador for just $25 a month.

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The cost is billed directly to the user’s Sprint bill and then applied to their family’s or friend’s Movistar prepaid account.

The Top-Up App also allows U.S. customers to add money to prepaid accounts in 23 Latin American and Caribbean countries hassle-free, irrespective of their in-country plan and available for most carriers.

Making it Easy to Stay Connected

In 2015, U.S. immigrants sent an estimated $133.5 billion to relatives in their native country across the globe. Remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean grew nearly 8% from 2015 to 2016, amounting to approximately US $70 billion.

Mexico received over 26 billion and El Salvador took in close to 5 billion, highlighting the need for affordable plans and services.

Here’s How it Works:

Download Sprint World Top-Up App for FREE using the App Store on any iOS or Android device.3 Then customers have two options:

  • For those with family and friends in Mexico and El Salvador, they can add Plan Conectados4to their Sprint account for just $25 per month. The plan is then managed within the Sprint World Top-Up app.
  • For those with family in Latin American and Caribbean countries, Top-Up – or add airtime funds – to a loved one’s prepaid wireless account directly from a Sprint device5within the Sprint World Top-Up app.
Price per month $25 $25
National Calls and Texts Unlimited Unlimited On Network/

300 Min off-Network

Calls to US Unlimited 400 min.
Texts to US Unlimited Not Available
Data Total (Including social networks) 7GB 4GB



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