Stop Hiding! A Wake-Up Call for Big Red

Neville Ray, CTO of T-Mobile

What if I told you I could upgrade your car … and make it go really fast? Sounds good, right? But the upgrade only works on a handful of blocks in some cities … and I won’t tell you where that is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. But seriously, you won’t believe how fast this will make your car … sometimes, if you’re lucky! Just hand over the money. It’s built right, trust me.

There’s no question about it… You’d tell me to take a hike!

If you’re paying attention, you know that’s exactly what Verizon’s pulling on its customers. They’re launching 5G in a few limited outdoor areas of a few cities – and parts of some football stadiums – and charging their customers more for that limited 5G ($480 more per year for a family of four)! 

To top it all off, they’re refusing to show customers exactly where their 5G is! They call it “5G built right”, but this is SO far from right.

I’ve said all along that 5G requires a mix of all spectrum types: high-band (mmWave) for massive capacity over short distances in dense urban areas, mid-band for coverage and capacity depth, and low-band for broad nationwide coverage, including rural America. If regulators approve our merger with Sprint, New T-Mobile will have wide open airwaves across that entire range of spectrum, allowing us to deliver a broad and deep nationwide 5G network that won’t cost customers a dollar more.

Verizon doesn’t have the vision OR the resources to match New T-Mobile’s potential, but you’d never know that watching their ads. They’re hiding behind more ‘launches’ of 5G (where? They won’t tell you, but you’ll pay more for it), hiding behind claims of ‘leadership’ and technical prowess that just aren’t true any longer, hiding behind an unprecedented ad blitz, and literally hiding 5G from their customers by refusing to show them exactly where it’s deployed. It’s time Big Red had a wake-up call.

T-Mobile’s VerHIDEzon Activation, Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019 in New York. (Jason DeCrow/AP Images for T-Mobile)

Introducing “verHIDEzon”

This is what Verizon marketing really should look like. We’ve launched verHIDEzon, taking over bus stops, kiosks, and other public displays…even our massive billboard in Times Square.

This is about continuing our mission as the Un-carrier to expose and fix the broken, arrogant wireless industry on behalf of consumers everywhere. And it’s about underscoring just how crazy it is to ask customers to pay more and then guess where they can use the thing they’re paying more for. We believe in transparency, and will continue to show customers exactly where they can tap into 5G as coverage expands – reaching nationwide in 2020.

We’ve also made it clear that if the merger is approved our customers won’t pay a dollar more for 5G, and with the New T-Mobile we’ll have every incentive to keep prices the same or even lower them in the future. In fact, we’ve made a series of enforceable commitments to that extent – promising the same or better rate plans at the same or better prices for at least three years with 5G at no extra charge.

If the other guys had their way, we’d be stuck with the status quo – more of their higher prices, secrecy and deception. Only the New T-Mobile will have the resources for a truly transformative 5G network that will bring much needed competition. We’ll deliver nationwide #5GforAll that is both broad and deep, supercharging the smartphone experience and fueling innovation across the US.

T-Mobile’s VerHIDEzon Activation, Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019 in New York. (Jason DeCrow/AP Images for T-Mobile)

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll force the other guys to respond. They’ll STOP HIDING their limited 5G and DO BETTER for consumers everywhere. That is what makes us the Un-carrier. It’s in our blood. With the New T-Mobile, the other guys won’t even know what hit them.