Switch to Metro and get a $40 single-line unlimited high-speed LTE data plan

Metro by T-Mobile gives singles something they’ll actually want: an unlimited high-speed LTE data plan on T-Mobile’s powerful network AND a brand-new iPhone 7 for less than $100. It’s true, there’s never been a better time to be single at Metro … and to help you take back Valentine’s Day, Metro presents 5 Great Ways to Celebrate Singlehood:

#5 – Over your ex, but still sharing a carrier? Break up with that carrier, too. Be free. Be fully free.

#4 – Let your phone be your date. All those couples WISH they could be scrolling their feeds o’choice, but they’re stuck nodding while their partner rants about Jan in payroll. Again.

#3 – “Single” and “Spontaneous stroll to the nearest Metro by T-Mobile” both start with ‘S’ for a reason. Stroll is a bonus S.

#2 – Treat yourself! Switch and snag an iPhone 7 for $49.99 at Metro by T-Mobile. So single, so savvy.

#1 – Watch what YOU wanna watch: Stream it all, on a $40 single-line unlimited high-speed LTE data plan when you switch to Metro by T-Mobile1.

You read it right, switch to Metro, and you can get a single line, unlimited high-speed data plan on T-Mobile’s powerful network AND a new iPhone for less than $100, just for YOU. No shared data, no speed caps, no data limits, no BS.

“But wait,” customers may say, “I have a friend or family member who wants in on a new phone, too.” Metro got deals for your crew, too, because Metro’s iPhone 7 deal isn’t just back — its BOGO’D. When you switch, verify your ID, and buy an iPhone 7 for $49.99 you’ll get a second iPhone 7 ON US when you add a second line.

Savvy shoppers looking for a great deal (and maybe looking to spend a bit of that tax refund $$$) can simply bring their number to Metro and show an ID for verification. These deals will be available starting tomorrow at Metro retail stores nationwide (protip: some locations still have the MetroPCS sign).