T‑Mobile eclipses expectations, already covering 300 million people in the U.S. with 5G

T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) and Sprint came together with the perfect blend of capacity, coverage and relentless Un-carrier spirit to build the country’s largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network. Now, T-Mobile’s Extended Range 5G covers 300 million people months ahead of schedule — nearly everyone in the country — and Ultra Capacity 5G covers 150 million! To celebrate, T-Mobile has bottled the Un-carrier spirit as an actual spirit: Ultra Capacity 5Gin. And because #5GforAll, there’s even a non-alcoholic Extended Range 5Ginger Beer. Starting tomorrow June 24 at 12 pm PT, visit t-mobile5gin.com to order your very own bottle of 5Gin or six pack of 5Ginger Beer. Limited quantities are available, and just like T-Mobile’s 5G network, they’re gonna go fast. Salut! 

“Last year, when we said we’d cover 300 million people with 5G by the end of 2021, people thought we were crazy. Now, we’ve blown by that goal SIX MONTHS ahead of schedule, and we won’t stop building the nation’s largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network,” said Mike Sievert CEO of T-Mobile. “Now, we’re gonna celebrate in a way ONLY T-Mobile would — by bottling the Un-carrier spirit. Yes, you heard that right. And as we begin to get back to all the things we have missed, it’s time for a celebratory toast with 5Gin and 5Ginger Beer. You know the GIF from The Great Gatsby? That’s me right now. Cheers!”

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T-Mobile is no stranger to shaking and stirring the competition while building a 5G network with coverage and performance the others just can’t match. The Un-carrier’s 5G now covers 300 million people with Extended Range 5G! T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G is expanding at an incredible pace and now covers 150 million people across the country, with plans to cover 200 million people nationwide this year. Ultra Capacity 5G can deliver blazing fast 5G speeds in more places than anyone else, with average download speeds of 325 Mbps with peaks of 1 Gbps, while Extended Range 5G is great for blanketing the country including rural and remote areas. T-Mobile’s 5G network spans 1.6 million square miles — that’s nearly 2x more coverage than AT&T and 4x more than Verizon — and the Un-carrier keeps widening its lead.

If the last year taught us anything, it’s that connectivity is critical … and, we could all use a drink. So, to help budding mixologists, T-Mobile published a set of recipes online including a magenta riff on a classic, the 5G & T, as well as a Magenta Martini, a non-alcoholic 5Ginger Mule and more. So you can stay connected and refreshed with your favorite cocktail or mocktail during your next virtual or in-person happy hour.   

To create Ultra Capacity 5Gin, T-Mobile joined forces with Heritage Distilling Company, a majority women-owned Pacific Northwest business, one of the country’s top premier craft distilleries and the most awarded in North America by the American Distilling Institute for the past seven years. Offered in a striking, premium black bottle, 5Gin uses Heritage’s award-winning Elk Rider Gin and includes a distinctive combination of botanicals crafted through a special field-to-flask distillation process — an experience that reflects the uncompromising commitment to quality that T-Mobile and Heritage share. 5Gin is available for $30 per bottle not including shipping or taxes, and availability varies based on differing state regulations and logistics.

To ensure everyone can get a taste of 5G, the Un-carrier also partnered with Jones Soda Co., a popular craft soda maker also in the Pacific Northwest, to launch Extended Range 5Ginger Beer, a premium and versatile non-alcoholic brew that tastes great on its own or as the foundation to your favorite cocktail or mocktail. Just like T-Mobile’s Extended Range 5G, 5Ginger Beer is widely available — so practically anyone can get in on the celebration. 5Ginger Beer is available across the contiguous U.S. and comes in a six pack for $10, plus the cost of shipping and taxes.