T‑Mobile Responds to Winter Storms

We are continuing to monitor the situation closely. This afternoon, we are seeing restoration progress in the Austin market, with some sites coming back online. Our teams will continue to work around the clock to restore further in markets impacted by winter storm conditions.

More information on our response

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Over the coming days, you can stay up to date on our response and recovery efforts via the following channels:

  • Check the T-Mobile Newsroom.
  • Follow us on Twitter at @TMobile and @Sprint.
  • Follow our CEO Mike Sievert and T-Mobile President of Technology Neville Ray on Twitter.


Over the weekend and continuing today, severe weather is impacting multiple regions of the country with snow and ice conditions that has lead to loss of power in some areas.

As a result, we are currently experiencing network impacts in the Austin, San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley areas of Texas, as well as parts of Oregon.

Our teams are working with local utility and transport partners as safety conditions allow.

If your mobile service is interrupted or spotty, we recommend you try the following:

  • If you have home broadband and power but no mobile service, try Wi-Fi calling, which allows T-Mobile and Sprint customers with capable devices to text and make and receive voice calls via any capable Wi-Fi connection. IMPORTANT: If you have to call 911 using Wi-Fi, be sure to give your address to the operator.
  • If your mobile service is working, please try to keep calls to a minimum and as short as possible. This helps reduce the load on our network so others can get through.
  • Send a text instead of making a call. Text messages get through easier during times of congestion.

We know staying connected is key in times like these. As a reminder, the majority of T-Mobile and Sprint customers are on plans offering unlimited talk, text and data.

  • For T-Mobile, these are customers on Magenta, Essentials, Unlimited Age 55+, T-Mobile One, or Simple Choice plan, while Sprint customers on Sprint’s Unlimited, Unlimited Freedom and certain older plans are also covered. 
  • Metro by T-Mobile customers also have unlimited talk and text on all plans. 

Over the coming days, a number of our stores may be closed due to power impacts. If you need to visit us, please reach out to your local store to confirm they are open. You can also call 611 or 1-800-937-8997 from your handset if you need assistance or have questions about your account or service and we will be happy to help.

*During congestion, customers using >50GB/mo. and Essentials customers may notice lower speeds than other customers due to data prioritization. Metro by T-Mobile customers using >35GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds and Metro customers may notice reduced speeds vs. T-Mobile due to prioritization.