T-Mobile added 1.1 million customers in Q1 2017

In Q1 2017 T-Mobile added 1.1 million total customers, marking four straight years of adding more than 1 million every quarter. In addition the operator added 798,000 branded postpaid phone customers in the quarter and expect to capture over 250% of the industry’s postpaid phone growth.

The continued success at MetroPCS, the industry’s #1 prepaid brand, helped deliver 386,000 prepaid net additions. As result of the strong customer growth, we grew service revenues by 11% year-over-year in Q1 2017.

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“We’ve been beating up on the competition for over 4 years now while making wireless better for consumers,” said John Legere, President and CEO of T-Mobile. “Q1 was no different with T-Mobile again producing the best customer and financial growth in the industry. Add to that our recent success in the 600 MHz spectrum auction and it’s clear we’re just getting started!”

T-Mobile has launched 13 consumer-friendly Un-carrier moves including the elimination of annual service contracts, ending overages, enabling upgrades anytime, free international data roaming in over 140 countries and destinations, unlimited music and video streaming, and offering all unlimited data plans with taxes and fees included. Customers have responded and continue to choose T-Mobile over the competition.

  • Total net customer additions were 1.1 million in Q1 2017, bringing our total customer count to 72.6 million. This was the 16th consecutive quarter in which T-Mobile generated more than 1 million total net customer additions.
  • Branded postpaid net additions were 914,000 in Q1 2017, which is expected to lead the industry yet again.
  • Service revenues increased 11% in Q1 2017 to $7.3 billion. This is expected to mark the 12th consecutive quarter that T-Mobile has led the industry in year-over-year service revenue percentage growth. Total revenues increased by 11% in Q1 2017 to $9.6 billion. This is expected to mark the 15th quarter in the past 4 years that T-Mobile has led the industry in total revenue percentage growth.

T-Mobile provides 4G LTE coverage to 314 million people today, and is targeting to provide 321 million people with 4G LTE coverage by year-end 2017. T-Mobile has substantially completed the deployment of its 700 MHz A-Block spectrum with the recent launch of Chicago.

“Extended Range LTE” is now live in over 530 market areas covering 269 million people. The network expansion provides a unique ability to grow the distribution footprint by 30 to 40 million POPs. T-Mobile plans to open 3,000 stores in 2017, including 1,500 T-Mobile stores and 1,500 MetroPCS stores.

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