T-Mobile added more than 8 million customers in 2016

T-Mobile reported Q4 2016 results, which showed that T-Mobile continues to lead the industry in both customer and financial growth.

For the third year in a row, the Company added more than 8 million total customers and captured all of the industry’s postpaid phone growth by adding 3.3 million branded postpaid phone customers in 2016.

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In prepaid, the Company added more than 5 million net additions over the past 3 years, including 2.5 million in 2016.

T-Mobile also completed its third year of growing service revenues, recording 12% growth in 2016 when all of its peers showed declines. This consistent outperformance continues to distinguish T-Mobile from the pack in wireless and the outlook for 2017 shows that the Company plans to continue with strong growth in customers and financial metrics.

“These results are proof that doing right by customers is also good for shareholders. Not only are customers flocking to T-Mobile, but we’re also producing rock-solid financial results including 11% growth in service revenues, 23% in total revenues, 31% in net income and 12% in Adjusted EBITDA year-over-year in Q4,” said John Legere, President and CEO of T-Mobile.

“The competition just doesn’t get that customers want to come first! That’s three years in a row that we’ve added more than 8 million customers and taken all of the postpaid phone growth in the industry. The Un-carrier revolution continues in 2017!”

Industry-Leading Customer Growth

T-Mobile’s Un-carrier strategy has upended the wireless industry and is built around listening to customers and finding solutions for their pain points. This has resulted in a series of consumer-friendly moves that changed the rules of wireless and forced the competition to change along with it.

So far, T-Mobile has launched 13 Un-carrier moves in just four years including the elimination of service contracts, ending overages, enabling upgrades anytime, free international data roaming, unlimited music and video streaming, and offering all unlimited plans with taxes and fees included.

Fastest and Fastest Growing 4G LTE Network

T-Mobile currently provides 4G LTE coverage to 314 million people, and is targeting to provide 320 million people with 4G LTE coverage by year-end 2017. The Company continues to increase the depth, breadth and functionality of its LTE network by adding new spectrum to increase coverage, and re-farming existing spectrum and implementing new technology to augment capacity.

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