T-Mobile extends Magenta Friday Weekend deal

T-Mobile announced that it is extending its Magenta Friday Weekend deal until midnight pacific time on Tuesday, November 22.  Because T-Mobile stores have been jam-packed all weekend long, the Un-carrier wants to ensure everyone – every new and existing T-Mobile customer who wants to – can get up to two additional lines, for free.

Those two free lines can be anything of your choosing, whether it’s a smartphone line, tablet or wearable.

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And, as a result of the demand T-Mobile saw over the weekend, the Un-carrier is updating a few of its other deals:

  • The FREE Samsung Tab E and LG GPadX will no longer be available after November 20, due to limited supply. However, customers can still get an Alcatel POP 7 LTE tablet for FREE after 24 monthly bill credits on T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice Unlimited while supplies last. You just pay the sales tax!
  • T-Mobile SyncUp DRIVE is still available for free after 24 monthly bill credits with a 2GB or higher mobile Internet plan, but this deal will not be available on backorder once current inventory is out. And they’re going fast, so get yours now if you’ve been thinking about it!

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