T-Mobile launched two IoT Access packs

T-Mobile unveiled two new low-cost IoT Access packs with wireless data – and a Category 1 (Cat1) module – to help accelerate IoT innovation and eliminate the pain of piecing together wireless IoT solutions.

“Like everything they do, the carriers over-complicate the Internet of Things, and that leads to more hassle and cost for customers,” said Doug Chartier, Senior Vice President, T-Mobile. “The wireless industry needs simpler options for IoT to take off, and that’s exactly what we’re delivering.”

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With T-Mobile’s IoT Access packs, new and existing customers can get everything they need – including modules and data – to develop the next great IoT solution.

For applications that use a little data, customers can get up to 5MB of data per month for $20 per year per device in the first year and just $6 per year per device afterwards. For unlimited data at 64kbps, it’s just $25 per year per device, and for a limited time, these customers get $5 off the first year for each device.

With both T-Mobile IoT Access packs, T-Mobile will cover the cost of a Sequans Cat1 module, via a bill credit from T-Mobile, up to $16 per module.

In addition, T-Mobile announced plans to continue to help customers deliver the next-generation of devices for machine-to-machine communications.

T-Mobile is continuing to work to deliver “Category M” and “Narrowband IoT” (NB-IoT), the next evolution of modules to help customers save money over time and take advantage of T-Mobile’s expanding LTE coverage, based on market and customer needs.

Combined with the Cat1 modules available on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network today, these future modules will provide another technology option to give customers choice in improved data speeds and a longer product lifecycle compared to 2G network technologies.

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