T-Mobile offers free prizes to its customers

Nearly a year ago, T-Mobile’s 11th iconic Un-carrier move flipped the script on traditional ‘loyalty’ programs. Instead of asking customers to spend more to prove their loyalty like most companies, the Un-carrier gives customers free stuff every week just to say “thanks for being a customer.”

T-Mobile Tuesdays was an instant success, and customers have snapped up more than 40 million free gifts in the last year. Thanks to Un-carrier benefits like T-Mobile Tuesdays, unlimited data with taxes and fees included and the nations’ fastest LTE network, T-Mobile now tops customer satisfaction scores and net promoter scores, and Un-carrier customers are more likely to recommend T-Mobile.

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Today, the Un-carrier wrapped up its ‘summer celebration’ trifecta of announcements by unveiling plans to give customers a big thanking to celebrate T-Mobile Tuesdays’ one-year #Thankiversary.

It all starts June 6th with tens of millions of dollars in free stuff up for grabs, including a 12-hour thankathon with a chance to win epic prizes every hour, like free gas for a year, a whole year of free movie tickets and a trip for four to any event you like at T-Mobile Arena this year.

And, the party continues with free and discounted Baskin Robbins ice cream in June and $4 tickets to four of the summer’s hottest blockbusters coming this summer.

“The carriers just love to see you sweat. But, this summer, the Un-carrier’s gonna help you stay chill—with ice cream, movies and a whole lot more!” said John Legere, president & CEO of T-Mobile.

“With the other guys’ ‘loyalty’ programs, they make you prove your loyalty to them. One year ago, we changed all that. With T-Mobile Tuesdays, we prove our loyalty to you and thank you for being a customer every single week with awesome free stuff. To mark the first anniversary, we’re going big, of course!”

A Summer Full of Blockbusters—Starting this Weekend

This summer, T-Mobile Tuesdays will offer tickets to FOUR of this summer’s hottest movies for just $4 bucks, less than half the price of the average movie ticket. Today, customers get access to the opening weekend for this summer’s biggest super heroine film, when they open the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Your ticket is valid any day through opening weekend. Other movies will be announced later this summer.

Month-Long Ice Cream Party

Stay cool this summer. On one of the four T-Mobile Tuesdays in June, every T-Mobile

customer will get FREE Baskin-Robbins ice cream up to $4 in value (so be sure to check your app each week so you don’t miss out). In addition, every week in June, every customer can get a second Baskin-Robbins sundae for just $0.99 when they buy one at regular price. And on June 6th, everyone will also have a chance to win FREE Baskin-Robbins ice cream for an ENTIRE YEAR for themselves and three lucky friends.

Celebrating the One Year Thankiversary

On June 6th, the Un-carrier’s bringing back some of T-Mobile Tuesdays’ greatest hits from the past year. The line-up includes a free T-Mobile trucker hat, $0.25 off Shell fuel from the Fuel Rewards® Program and two free movie or game rentals from Redbox (one for you and one that you can give to a friend—even if they’re stuck on Verizon or AT&T). And everyone can play to win more prizes than ever, including 5,000 $25 Lyft credits, 100 LG G6™ smartphones and lots more.

Starting at 9 a.m. PT on June 6th, the Un-carrier will be doling out an epic prize EVERY HOUR. A few of the Thank You gifts on tap include free gas for a year, free movie tickets for a year, $2,000 to spend at StubHub and much more. To take part, simply follow @TMobile on Twitter for details on how to enter.

And starting today, customers who tell @TMobile a story about their favorite thanking this year (don’t forget to use #Thankiversary and #contest) will be entered for a chance to get the biggest Thankiversary gift of them all—a grand prize trip for four to Las Vegas to see the event of your choice at T-Mobile Arena this year. The winner will be revealed on June 6.

So. Much. Thanking.

Since the launch of T-Mobile Tuesdays just last year, Un-carrier customers have already picked up more than 44 million free gifts from T-Mobile and amazing partners, including Major League Baseball, VUDU, Papa John’s, the Fuel Rewards® Program and Shell, Dunkin Donuts, Lyft and more.

T-Mobile customers have:

  • Binged over 24.5 million hours or nearly 3,000 YEARS of movies
  • Slurped down more than 1 million free Frostys from Wendy’s—enough to fill 350 family size hot tubs
  • Eaten more than 2 million free pizzas—enough to stretch from Mt. Rushmore to Yellowstone National Park
  • Taken enough free Lyft rides to make nearly 4,300 coast to coast trips across the US
  • Pumped millions of gallons of free gas from the Fuel Rewards® Program and Shell —enough to drive to Mars and back

But T-Mobile Tuesdays doesn’t just benefit customers. When brands join T-Mobile Tuesdays, customer engagement skyrockets—to the tune of more than 17 billion combined social impressions in a single year. After being featured in T-Mobile Tuesdays, StubHub jumped to No. 1 in the App store, BookShout took the No. 1 spot for books and HotelTonight was the No. 1 trending app on Google Play.


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