T-Mobile with offer for Verizon customers

Kicking off the Un-carrier’s summer celebration with the first of three announcements with four great pieces of news, T-Mobile president and CEO John Legere today announced a spectacularly simple way for Verizon customers to switch to T-Mobile, keep their phone—and #GetOutoftheRed.

Starting May 31, Verizon customers with two of the most popular smartphones out there can walk into any T-Mobile store, put their phone on a faster network built for unlimited—and get that phone paid off in full. This limited time offer works whether you owe $1 or $1,000 on your phone—and gets you on T-Mobile ONE with device protection.

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With no more phone payments to make, that could mean thousands of dollars right back in your pocket. In addition, starting tomorrow and for a limited time, T-Mobile customers with two or more T-Mobile voice lines can get two additional lines for the price of one.

“After desperately launching unlimited, Verizon’s network choked—while our network speeds surged. Today, T-Mobile has a whopping 23% speed advantage over Verizon,” said Legere. “So, to kick off summer, we’re going BIG right out of the gate and throwing a lifeline to millions of Verizon customers. Now, you can ditch Verizon, keep your phone, and we’ll even pay it off for you! The latest superphones work GREAT on T-Mobile’s network ever since we rolled out Extended Range LTE. So, now is the best time ever to #GetOutoftheRed!”

For years, carriers have led you to believe the phones you buy from them only work on their network. That’s how it used to be, but no more. There is no such thing as a Verizon Pixel.

It’s just a Pixel, and today, many of the most popular smartphones, including the Pixel, work great on all networks. But the carriers still require you to trade-in a perfectly fine smartphone when you switch—simply to get you on the hook for a brand new device.

Over the past four years, US wireless customers wasted more than $1.6 billion dollars trading in phones that work great. It’s no surprise a full 75% of people say they wish they could keep their phone if they switched carriers. Enter the Un-carrier.

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