Texas is 47th state to sign texting while driving ban

On Tuesday, June 6, Texas took a stand for safer driving and became the 47th state to sign a texting while driving ban into law applicable to all drivers – an effort in the making for nearly 10 years. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, almost 110,000 crashes involved distracted driving in 2016.

With the new law set to take effect September 1, we hope to see a significant reduction in that number as AT&T research shows states with anti-texting laws have lower rates of texting while driving. Under the new law, texting while driving will be punishable by a fine – a small price to pay in comparison with the deadly consequences that could result from using a phone behind the wheel.

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The law signals another step toward safer driving and putting an end to this deadly behavior. AT&T is grateful to have the Lone Star State joining in the effort to stop texting while driving.

You can download the AT&T DriveMode app to help curb the urge to text and drive, breaking the dangerous habit before the law goes into effect. Distracted driving is never OK and AT&T continues to support state bans on texting while driving.

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