TextNow offers unlimited for $13.99 per month

TextNow is expanding its popular wireless offerings to include the new TextNow SIM Card for customers wanting to bring their own devices to the network. This new service allows customers to simply plug in and activate compatible phones, including the latest iPhone and Android devices, onto the TextNow Wireless affordable service as low as $13.99 per month (unlimited talk, unlimited texting and unlimited data).

TextNow Wireless services are an increasingly competitive alternative to traditional carrier models.  By using custom software that switches seamlessly between Wi-Fi and cellular networks, TextNow is able to lower data and wireless network usage and pass the savings onto its customers.

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While traditional carrier plans cost an average of $1,000 per year, TextNow offers annual prices as low as $168 with no contract, no overage costs and no hidden fees.  The new TextNow SIM Card enables users to leverage these benefits on compatible devices.

Seeking to build a disruptive approach to the traditional carrier model, TextNow created the first all-IP, cloud-based mobile phone carrier – a commitment-free mobile phone service alternative with more than 60 million downloads and more than 8 million monthly active users.

Unlike other traditional phone companies, TextNow also offers a free ad-supported solution where customers receive a dedicated phone number to text and call over their existing internet connection across multiple devices when they sign up.

TextNow is unique in its ability to monitor Wi-Fi and cellular networks in real-time so that if coverage degrades at any point, the call is seamlessly transitioned to the optimal network mid-conversation ensuring superior calling quality on the best network at any given time.  As some Wi-Fi can become unstable over time, TextNow has also optimized the network detection algorithms to connect the call in the correct environment from the onset.

The TextNow SIM Card can be purchased today at the Text Now website for $5 and comes with a free month of service. For more information or to purchase a TextNow SIM Card, please visit www.textnow.com.

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