The entire Pixel 3 lineup is now available from T-Mobile

T-Mobile announced that the four latest Google Pixel smartphones — the new Pixel 3a, new Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL – are coming to the Un-carrier starting online tonight at 9 PM PT and in-stores tomorrow. With this move, T-Mobile is putting an end to Verizon’s stranglehold on the Pixel, and that’s good news for wireless customers everywhere. To celebrate, existing and new Un-carrier customers can get up to $400 off any Pixel smartphone with an eligible trade-in, which means you can get the new Pixel 3a on us with bill credits.

“At T-Mobile, we’re all about bringing Americans more choice – and now, people finally get a choice when it comes to where to get their Google Pixel,” said John Legere, CEO at T-Mobile. “Verizon has held the Pixel hostage for years. Fortunately for Google – and consumers everywhere – those days are over!”

All four Pixel devices light up T-Mobile’s 600 MHz network, giving customers better coverage than before in buildings and rural areas. And if you want more speed, the Pixel 3 and 3 XL tap into T-Mobile’s LTE Advanced speed boosting technologies with 4×4 MIMO, 256 QAM, License Assisted Access (LAA) and carrier aggregation.

Plus, T-Mobile and Google are a match made in unlimited heaven. Only T-Mobile ONE customers get unlimited calls, text and data with taxes and fees included PLUS text and unlimited data included when traveling abroad in over 210 destinations. And the Google Pixel offers unlimited high-quality storage through Google Photos, so you have all the space you need as you capture stunning photos with Portrait Mode or try your hand at night photography with Night Sight. And you won’t need to worry about running low on battery. The Pixel 3a and 3a XL both come with an Adaptive Battery that gives you up to seven hours of use with just a 15-minute charge AND prioritizes power to the apps you use the most.

To see the new Pixel 3a and 3a XL in action, check out the T-Mobile unboxing video.

New and existing Un-carrier customers can get up to $400 off any Pixel smartphone via 24 monthly bill credits beginning tonight at 9:01pm PT online and in stores on May 8th when they trade-in any eligible device. T-Mobile for Business customers with up to 12 devices per account are also eligible.

The Pixel 3a is available in 64GB in Just Black and Clearly White for just $16.67/month ($0 down, FRP: $399.99), the Pixel 3a XL is available in 64GB in Just Black and Clearly White for $20/month ($0 down, FRP: $479.99). You can also get the Pixel 3 in 64GB in Just Black for $30/month ($79.99 down, FRP: $799.99) and the Pixel 3 XL in 64GB in Just Black for $30/month ($179.99 down, FRP: $899.99) – all for well qualified customers for 24 months on T-Mobile’s no-interest Equipment Installment Plan.