The new Colgate Connect E1 Smart Toothbrush keeps track of every tooth as you brush

Colgate Connect Smart Toothbrush precisely tracks how you brushed—we found that users were missing over 40% of the surfaces of their teeth. As you brush our 3D mouth coach will show you where to brush and where you have missed.

It maps your mouth

Smart sensors keep track of every tooth as you brush.

It coaches you

Get on the spot feedback on how and where your brushing technique needs work.

It’s full of tips

You’d be amazed at how much it will teach you about oral health.



  • Artificial Intelligence is embedded in the handle 
  • Automatic data uploading via Bluetooth® wireless technology for seamless pairing process
  • Small, rounded head reaches into tight corners of the mouth
  • Sonic vibrating technology helps to efficiently remove plaque
  • Lightweight handle makes for easy brushing for adults and kids
  • Powerful battery: 10 days of life on a single charge
  • Slim silhouette fits neatly into tight spaces

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