U.S. Cellular adds value to its prepaid offerings

U.S. Cellular is adding more plans and more high-speed data to its highly competitive prepaid offerings. Its popular $45 Simple Connect Prepaid plan now comes with 3GB of high-speed data, the $60 plan now comes with 6GB of high-speed data, and there is a new 12GB high-speed data plan for $75. 

For a limited time, U.S. Cellular’s Ready Connect Prepaid offering, available in stores such as Walmart and Dollar General, has added value with high-speed data on the $45 (4GB), $55 (8GB) and $75 (12GB) plans.

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In addition, Ready Connect customers can receive $10 off of the $75 plan and $5 off the $45 and $55 plans when signing up for autopay. All plans $35 and above on Simple Connect and Ready Connect continue to come with unlimited talk and text. 

With U.S. Cellular’s prepaid plans, customers never run out of data with unlimited 1X data while on the carrier’s network, and there are no contracts, credit checks, overage charges or activation fees. Prepaid customers can also add unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada for $10 per month.

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