U.S. Cellular with Unlimited Data Offering

U.S. Cellular has introduced new new plans with no activation fees, no monthly device connection charges, no phone upgrade fees and no data overage fees.

Consumers and small businesses can now get unlimited data with U.S. Cellular for as low as $40 per line for 4 lines or just $60 per month for a single line with autopay/paperless billing enrollment.

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U.S. Cellular’s new plans include unlimited talk and text with buckets of 2GB, 6GB and unlimited data, and they include family discounts that reward customers when they add additional lines.

The data is not shared, so customers can pick the right data amounts for each person on the account. There are no data overage fees, so customers can feel confident that their wireless usage charges will be the same every month.

U.S. Cellular’s unlimited offering includes video streaming, hot-spot capability and free calling to Mexico and Canada. These plans are available to new and current customers, and those purchasing new devices can take advantage of the monthly payment option that best meets their needs – from 20, 24 or 30 months.

U.S. Cellular’s New Total Plans with No Hidden Fees:

Choose Data That’s   2GB     6GB     Unlimited Data
Right For Each and
Every Line*                
Phone Line 1   $40     $50     $60
Phone Line 2   $35     $45     $55
Phone Line 3   $25     $35     $45
Phone Lines 4 and Above   $20     $30     $40
    1GB     4GB     10GB
Tablet or Connected Devices     $10     $25     $40


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