Ultra Mobile with new high data plans

Ultra Mobile announced the launch of two new high data plans, offering users 10GB or 20GB of data per month for $45 and $54 respectively. These data plans are the largest data offering available to Ultra Mobile consumers to date.

Ultra Mobile has specifically created these high usage plans to satisfy the consumer’s need for more high-speed data, who also want international calling built into their mobile plans at a low cost.

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Based on a recent study from Ericcson’s Mobility Report, the average data consumption for 2016 was 5GB and most wireless services put international calling at a premium over large data allotments. Ultra Mobile’s big data plans offer the best of both worlds, with unlimited calling to over 60 countries worldwide while also having enormous monthly data allotments.

This announcement comes on the heels of the latest innovation to expand Ultra’s unlimited calling list of 60+ countries around the globe. The ‘New $19’ provides unlimited nationwide talk & text with 100 MB 4G LTE data and calling to 60+ countries for only $19 a month.

This also includes $1.25 Call Anywhere Credit and a $5 One-Time International Roaming Credit. The unparalleled pricing went into effect for countries such as Brazil, India, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Mexico, China, Canada, Dominican Republic and more. Ultra also doubled the amount of high-speed data on all unlimited plans with the launch of DataXtra.

For these unlimited plans, when 4G LTE data runs out, high speed 3G data will kick in at no additional cost, giving customers twice the high-speed data access they need on their mobile devices.

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