Venture into a Sprint Store during Pokémon GO’s Adventure Week

Niantic and The Pokémon Company International just announced that on May 18 Adventure Week will begin in the mobile game, Pokémon GO!

Adventure Week is designed to celebrate adventure and encourage people to get outside and explore the world while playing Pokémon GO. Sprint is joining the fun. Starting today, Trainers can stop by a Sprint PokéStop or Gym at a participating Sprint Store and enter to win exciting prizes during the exclusive Sprint sweepstakes.

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During Adventure Week, encounters of Rock-type Pokémon will increase, players will have the chance to collect in-game items to load up their Bags, and Buddy Pokémon will find Candy in a quarter of the distance normally needed.

Sprint, as the exclusive wireless partner of Pokémon GO in North America, has thousands of PokéStop and Gym locations across the country, making it easy for players to participate. Trainers can collect Poké Balls, Potions, Eggs and Berries at Sprint PokéStops and battle or train Pokémon at Sprint Pokémon GO Gyms.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The “Sprint Sweepstakes during Adventure Week” runs May 18-25.
  • Visit a Sprint PokéStop or Gym and talk to a store representative to enter to win a prize.
  • Prizes include mophie powerstation minis and Amazon, iTunes and Google Play gift cards valued at up to $50 each.
  • The sweepstakes is open to members of the Sprint Trainer Rewards Program – register for free and see the official rules at: The Sprint Trainer Rewards Program is open to all Pokémon GO Trainers, regardless of wireless service provider.
  • Once signed into the Sprint Trainer Rewards Program, earn 200 Trainer Rewards points for “checking into” a store, up to 1,600 during the week.

The Sprint Mobile Trainer Rewards Program is a fun, interactive experience that enables participants to earn Trainer Rewards points and to redeem them for great prizes, such as Pokémon GO Trainer tips, Team Wallpapers, Google Play gift cards, and a mophie powerstation mini.



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