Verizon full year 2016 revenues with 4,3% decline

Total consolidated operating revenues in fourth-quarter 2016 were $32.3 billion, a 5.6 percent decrease compared with fourth-quarter 2015. Full-year 2016 revenues were nearly $126.0 billion, a 4.3 percent decline.

During 2016, Verizon invested in its networks with $17.1 billion in capital expenditures, completed wireline divestitures of three markets, negotiated new labor contracts, executed successful technical trials of 5G wireless service and expanded its new growth businesses.

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In these new markets the digital media business, led by AOL, generated $532 million in revenues net of traffic acquisition costs (non-GAAP) in fourth-quarter 2016. This declined about 5 percent year-over-year due to a revenue lift in fourth-quarter 2015 related to AOL’s Microsoft deal, but increased around 10 percent compared with third-quarter 2016.

IoT (Internet of Things) revenues, led by telematics, increased 21 percent on a comparable basis to fourth-quarter 2015, to $243 million. Verizon expects to sustain this trend in strong IoT revenue growth. Including acquisitions, IoT revenues increased more than 60 percent in fourth-quarter 2016.

Verizon Wireless highlights; 

  • Verizon reported 591,000 retail postpaid net additions in fourth-quarter 2016. These net additions exclude wholesale device and wholesale IoT connections. At year-end 2016, Verizon had 114.2 million retail connections, a 1.9 percent year-over-year increase. Verizon’s industry-leading retail postpaid connections base grew 2.1 percent to 108.8 million, and retail prepaid connections totaled 5.4 million. Full-year postpaid net additions of 2.3 million included 1.8 million 4G smartphones and 1.4 million 4G tablets, offset primarily by declines in basic phones and 3G smartphones.
  • Total revenues were $23.4 billion in fourth-quarter 2016, a decline of 1.5 percent compared with fourth-quarter 2015, as more customers continued to choose unsubsidized device payment plans. For the full year, revenues totaled $89.2 billion, a decline of 2.7 percent. Service revenues plus device payment plan billings increased 1.7 percent in fourth-quarter 2016, compared with fourth-quarter 2015.
  • The 591,000 retail postpaid net additions in fourth-quarter 2016 included 552,000 4G LTE smartphones. With declines in basic and 3G phones, net phone additions were 167,000 in fourth-quarter 2016, compared to a net decrease of 36,000 in third-quarter 2016. Tablet net additions totaled 196,000 in fourth-quarter 2016.
  • In fourth-quarter 2016, overall traffic on LTE increased by approximately 49 percent compared with fourth-quarter 2015, while Verizon extended its lead in the industry’s third-party network performance studies across the country.

Wireline highlights:

  • Total wireline revenues decreased 3.1 percent, to $7.8 billion, comparing fourth-quarter 2016 with fourth-quarter 2015. Retail consumer revenues grew 0.2 percent, to $3.2 billion, supported by consumer Fios revenue growth.
  • Total Fios revenues grew 4.4 percent, to $2.9 billion, comparing fourth-quarter 2016 with fourth-quarter 2015. Full-year Fios revenues were $11.2 billion in 2016, a 4.6 percent increase compared with 2015.
  • In fourth-quarter 2016, Verizon added a net of 68,000 Fios Internet connections and 21,000 Fios Video connections. Customer demand for Custom TV continues to remain strong. At year-end, Verizon had 5.7 million Fios Internet connections and 4.7 million Fios Video connections.

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