Verizon has deployed mobile equipment in South Texas

Verizon has deployed several pieces of mobile equipment – mobile transmission sites known as COWs (Cell on Wheels), signal repeaters known as CROWs (Cellular Repeater on Wheels), temporary microwave radio systems and in-building solutions to boost network capacity in South Texas.

Three COWs, one located in northeast Houston and two in Beaumont, several CROWs, used in Corpus Christi and near Beaumont, and microwave systems communicating between cell sites in Corpus Christi to the switching center, will ensure all Verizon customers and emergency management teams stay connected.  The in-building solutions reinforced coverage at the command centers of several leading government agencies.

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“The preparation our network team does year-round contributed to our network’s great performance during Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath,” said Leo Perreault, executive director – Network Assurance, Verizon Wireless. “With the assistance of these disaster recovery assets, the vast majority of our sites will be fully restored.”

The company will continue to analyze the need to deploy additional mobile equipment.

In addition to assessments by engineers on the ground, Verizon utilized Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) to survey sites and gauge damage in South Texas.

Verizon is committed to helping the community and recently announced a $10 million dollar towards recovery.

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