Verizon hits back at coverage claims of the competitors

In the last several months the mobile operators in US were very active in claiming network leadership.

You can read below the point of view of Verizon.

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Integrity is at the core of who we are


By Mike Haberman, VP of Network Operations at Verizon Wireless

Building great networks is in our DNA. It’s who we are. When it comes to quality and reliability of our network, and providing the best experience and value, we operate with the highest levels of integrity. For us, integrity is an absolute, and is a competitive advantage.

Not every competitor takes the same approach. Some like to slice and dice data, and cherry pick facts to make claims that don’t tell the full or accurate story.  For example:

  • A discount network shares its speed results by only reporting out on its 4G LTE network tests, ignoring test results when their devices fall back to its 3G network
  • When it comes to counting how many people in the U.S. its network covers, a discount network’s results could not be reproduced by an independent third party who routinely reports coverage comparisons quarterly for the wireless industry, using three industry standard approaches
  • That same wireless provider is also giving speed test traffic on its network preferential treatment to make the results appear better than they actually are

Ask yourself this question: why do the discount networks spend so much time talking about the Verizon network? The truth is, in numerous independent third party performance tests, Verizon’s network continues to come out on top.

We continue to lead the industry, ranking highest in national overall, reliability, speed, data, call and text performance, according to independent drive test results by RootMetrics®. In fact, since January, these tests show we are unbeaten in 85% of overall network performance (76 wins/ties of 89 metro markets).

We also lead when looking at crowd sourced data, and consumer experience studies like J.D. Power. In the 2017 J.D. Power Wireless Network Quality Study, Volume 1, Verizon ranked “Highest in Wireless Network Quality Performance across the Nation,” making this the 18th consecutive time Verizon has received more awards than any other provider in the study.

With consistent investments in the newest technology and a strong plan to stay ahead of customer demand, our network is built for consistently high performance. So when you need a connection to the things and people that matter most to you, in severe weather or an emergency for example – we’ve got you covered.

Can the other wireless providers stand by that statement, truthfully?


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