Verizon offers prepaid of 3 GB for $40, 7 GB for $50 or 10 GB for $60

Beginning June 6, choose from three new monthly prepaid plans packed with more data for smartphones: get 3 GB for $40, 7 GB for $50 or 10 GB for $60. These new plans, plus Verizon’s $80 prepaid plan with unlimited data, give you more options with more data.

These new prepaid plans include all the features you love like Mobile Hotspot so you can tether your phone and Carryover Data so you can carry your unused data over to the next month. You can also stay connected at 2G speeds after you’ve used your data allowance with Always On data. Of course, these plans also include unlimited talk and text across the U.S., unlimited text to more than 200 international destinations and unlimited calling from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada.

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With Verizon prepaid, you’re not stuck with an outdated phone. In fact, you can use all of the top smartphones on Verizon prepaid – including iPhone 7, Samsung S8, Google Pixel and more. You can even bring your own compatible phone to Verizon prepaid. Verizon prepaid gives you the control you want, without sacrificing style.

For a limited time, stop into your local Verizon Wireless store for a $100 credit when you bring your number and activate on one of our value-packed prepaid plans.





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