Verizon with new version of unlimited plans

Beginning August 23, Verizon unlimited is evolving into Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited and Business Unlimited.  Unlimited on Verizon gives you more choices on the network built for you.

With Go Unlimited, you get the Verizon network at an even better value. Beyond Unlimited gives you the best of the best: premium high-speed 4G LTE data so you can stream lots of HD video, mobile hotspot and calling and data to and from Canada and Mexico.

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With Business Unlimited, businesses can get cost-effective flat monthly rates without having to manage voice and data usage by employees who can now use their smartphones, tablets and jet packs without having to worry about volume overages.

Video on Go Unlimited is DVD-quality (SD on phones (480p) and HD on tablets (720p)), while video on Beyond Unlimited is HD for phones and tablets (720p for phones; 1080p for tablets).  Moving forward, HD video on all legacy plans will also match Beyond Unlimited’s HD quality.

Finally, if you signed up earlier this year for Verizon unlimited, good news. You’ll automatically get 5 GB additional mobile hotspot data – at no additional charge. And always, if you like what you have today, you can keep your current plan.

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