Vudu’s mobile Disc-to-Digital is available for nearly 8,000 Movies

Vudu, Walmart’s subscription-free, premium video streaming service, announced the launch of the first mobile offering to convert DVDs and Blu-rays into digital libraries, right from a customer’s phone. Available March 23, at 12:00 p.m. EDT, Mobile Disc-to-Digital turns DVDs and Blu-rays into digital movies with a simple scan through the Vudu app.

These movies can then be viewed on hundreds of Vudu-enabled devices including televisions, Blu-ray disc players, gaming consoles, streaming players and through the Vudu app on phones and tablets.

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Over the past several years, Vudu has seen increased demand for its offerings that bridge physical and digital entertainment, including its in-home Disc-to-Digital service and InstaWatch, which automatically sends customers a digital copy of eligible DVDs or Blu-ray discs purchased at Walmart stores and on

Mobile Disc-to-Digital works on iPhones and Android devices and is available for nearly 8,000 movies from Lionsgate, Paramount Home Media Distribution, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Additional titles will be added in the coming months.

Movie fans can convert a DVD to SD or a Blu-ray disc to HDX for $2. To upgrade DVDs to HDX, it will cost $5 per title. All Vudu users will receive one complimentary first-time mobile conversion.

Mobile Disc-to-Digital conversions must take place at a customer’s home / billing address. Mobile Disc-to-Digital works in three easy steps:

  • Scan – Navigate to Disc-to-Digital in the Vudu app and scan the barcode on the physical disc case.
  • Convert – Choose SD or HDX. Submit one title or scan all of your movies before submitting.
  • Watch – Watch your movies on any Vudu-enabled device.

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