What you need to now about T-Mobile’s limited time offer for $35 per line

For a limited time, a family of four can sign up for just $35 per line. The 1st line is $70 per month; the 2nd line is $50 per month; the third line is $20, and the fourth line is free! Every line after is just $20 per month up to 8 lines.

All with unlimited talk, text & UNLIMITED LTE data on your smartphone with AutoPay (and just $5 more per line without AutoPay).

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T‑Mobile ONE includes freedom from contracts; unlimited data and text in 140+ countries and destinations; talk, text, and unlimited data in Mexico & Canada; Wi-Fi Calling; and free stuff every week with T‑Mobile Tuesdays.

T‑Mobile ONE comes with unlimited Mobile HotSpot Service speeds at 3G (512Kbps), which is suitable for most activities, including web browsing, music streaming, and email but may not work well with all video streaming. Customers can add T‑Mobile ONE + and get unlimited high-speed 4G LTE Mobile HotSpot for $25/month.

ONE Plus is a $25-per-month add-on for T‑Mobile ONE that offers unlimited high-speed 4G LTE Mobile HotSpot, unlimited HD Day Passes, PLUS 2x faster speeds while roaming in 140+ Simple Global® countries and destinations.

Video streaming in T‑Mobile ONE has been optimized to a resolution that offers great quality on a smartphone screen; however, if you want higher definition for a larger screen, you can add ONE PLUS, which includes unlimited HD Day Passes.

Existing customers on qualifying Simple Choice plans will still get Binge On™, Music Freedom, and Data Stash. New customers who buy T‑Mobile ONE won’t need these features because with unlimited 4G LTE data, they don’t have to worry about counting and stashing their data or tracking which sites stream free without using their high-speed data.

You will need a minimum, of 2 voice lines to qualify for this offer, but your other two lines can be either voice or mobile Internet lines.

Hotspot, data sticks and netbooks are not eligible for T-Mobile ONE.

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