Wi-Fi calling company Republic Wireless with 6 months free service offer

Wi-Fi calling leader Republic Wireless, the company that pioneered the idea of “Wi-Fi first” resulting in tens of millions in annual savings for its customers, announced a week long special promotion whereby anyone activating a phone on its popular Bring Your Own Android Phone program will receive six months of free service up to 2GB/cellular 4G LTE data, normally $30 a month.

“We came to show the marketplace there was a better way – to both lower prices and deliver a better customer experience. With this promotion, we are inviting consumers to see for themselves with no risk. Our philosophy is to build long-term relationships, not through complex contracts and device financing schemes, but through earning their loyalty every day with the value and experience we bring,” said Chris Chuang, CEO of Republic Wireless.

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Promotion details

Create an account at http://www.RepublicWireless.com.

Order a Republic Wireless SIM card for no cost paying only for nominal shipping fees (estimated $3-4) between 12:00 AM EST May 16 and 11:59 PM EST, May 22, 2017.

Activate the phone prior to or by 11:59 PM EST June 6, 2017 to receive up to 2GB cellular data at no charge for six months after the first full billing cycle. In other words, the free service will apply to billing cycles 2-7. (Federally mandated taxes and telecom charges not included.)

The Offer is only valid on new customer accounts and/or a new service line on an existing customer account.

Promotion limited to new activations on Republic’s GSM network partner. While cellular service is nationwide on the country’s fastest 4G-LTE network, like all cellular carriers, coverage is not available in all areas, especially more rural areas. To check coverage in your area please visit https://republicwireless.com/coverage

At any time, customers can choose the plan that works best for their needs and standard plan rates, starting for as little as $15 a month, will apply. Customers are in complete control of their plan and can change it at any time without penalty.

If a customer chooses a plan of greater value than Republic Wireless’s $30 Talk and Text plus 2GB of cellular data service plan, any additional service plan cost above $30 is not included in this promotion and the difference will be charged to the customer’s credit card.

The Offer is valid only while SIM card supplies last. SIM card supplies are limited and once they sell out, no other SIM cards will be eligible for this Offer.

“This is about making it easy to try a Wi-Fi first carrier with the guarantee of cellular service on the nation’s fastest growing GSM 4G-LTE network whenever you might need it. Our Bring Your Own Phone program makes it easier than ever for customers who already have fully functioning later model Android smartphones to get in on the savings. And with six months complimentary service, there isn’t much standing in your way if you are looking for an easy and sustainable way to save money on what has become a top five household expense for many consumers.”

“It’s also about accelerating our mission to provide remarkably simple and affordable ways for people to stay in touch and push the envelope on what’s possible. In a wireless world where the word “unlimited” has lost its meaning, we are intentional about doing things differently. WiFi first allows us to serve customers in ways the big carriers can’t,” Chuang adds.

Of the WiFi carriers, Republic supports the broadest lineup of Android smartphones in its Bring Your Own Phone program – currently 17+ Android smartphones (Marshmallow and above) from manufacturers including Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola. Any of these unlocked phones can be used to advantage this promotion.

Republic Wireless has earned a loyal customer following and prestigious awards such as PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice for “Highest User Satisfaction for plan costs in the nation” as well as top rankings in Consumer Reports surveys and more.

Promotion limited to new activations on Republic’s GSM network partner. Cellular coverage provided on the nation’s fastest growing 4G-LTE network.

About Republic Wireless

Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Republic Wireless leverages the power of both WiFi and nationwide cellular networks and gives consumers the ultimate flexibility to manage costs. The service uses WiFi in the home, office or anywhere else as the primary network for calls, texts and data. When outside of WiFi coverage, the smartphone works just like a typical smartphone on the cellular networks of national GSM and CDMA carriers.

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