Yahoo Finance Plans Global Expansion of Original Live Event Franchise

Yahoo Finance announced the global expansion of its signature All Markets Summit events, to be held in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific in 2019. The first installment in the series will be held in New York City on September 9th, followed by events in Sydney, Australia on September 26th and London, United Kingdom on October 3rd.

Audiences will also be able to tune in to each event via live stream on the Yahoo Finance website, Yahoo Finance app, Apple TV, and via Yahoo on the Roku Channel and other platforms.

The All Markets Summit aims to explore the challenges and changes in each respective region’s economy, as well as the opportunities afforded to businesses and individuals amid a confluence of evolving factors. Members of the Yahoo Finance editorial team led by Editor in Chief Andy Serwer will host a wide variety of discussions with the world’s preeminent minds around business, banking, media, politics, philanthropy and more.

The conversations will focus on the specific, optimal changes that will move our society and economy forward. Participants will discuss proactive and anticipatory ways in which companies, institutions, government and individuals around the world can best position themselves for 2020 and beyond.

“Yahoo Finance reaches a global audience of more than 92 million users each month that turn to our reporting, bell-to-bell on air coverage and special events to make smart investment decisions and stay in the know,” said Joanna Lambert, General Manager of Finance, Tech, Autos and Member Services at Verizon Media.

“Yahoo Finance is committed to building the most comprehensive finance and business platform in the world. Adding international installments of the All Markets Summit live events will further enhance our global footprint.”

Launched in 2017, the All Markets Summit is Yahoo Finance’s first-ever conference franchise. After three years of consistent, successful live-stream and on-demand viewership, the global installments of the All Markets Summit are a natural progression of the franchise. The four 2018 events together drew in 40.5M live-stream and on-demand viewers, and this number is expected to grow in 2019.